Habeas Corpus Negros

You love my black body,

lust my black body,

crave my black body,

covet my black body,

worship my black body,

want to own my black body,

use my black body,

then abuse my black body,

sex my black body,

rape my black body,

whip my black body,

castrate my black body,

oppress my black body,

lynch my black body,

choke my black body

then burn my black body?

I’m your possession,

your erotic obsession,

your nocturnal emission,

your exotic distraction

to be used at your discretion?

But that’s the big deception

that informs your misconception

that feeds your misperception

that I am a possession

of yours? That’s misdirection.

Broke internet no connection

between your fantastic delusion

that leads to confusion

and the truth that leads to emancipation.

I’m not your chattel to possess,

your inferior to oppress,

your subject to harass,

your “brownie” to kiss your a__.

I’m not your tool to manipulate,

your toy to masturbate,

your wench to beat and violate,

your whore to humiliate,

your concubine to impregnate,

your enemy to revile and hate

your poop to defecate,

your patsy to denigrate.

I’m not your ho’ to prostitute,

your thug to institute,

your scapegoat to substitute,

your pimpin’ schemes are destitute.

So stop obsessing over me,

walking over me,

trampling over me,

trippin’ over me.

Stop profiling me,

prosecuting me,

incarcerating me,

miseducating me,

stop n frisking me,

denying me,

lying to me,

violating me,

playing me,

degrading me,

cheating me,

stalking me and killing me.

I’m something that you choose not to be;

I am free.


About Freditations

For now. For eternity.
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