Academic Cowards and Why I Don’t Write Anonymously

Powerful piece by TressieMc. A must read for truthtellers in the academy (and outside as well).


The short answer is that when I started writing publicly I was too stupid to choose to do so anonymously.

The longer answer takes a little back fill.

There is a lot to be angry about these days. I think there’s even an official book of all the things we should be angry about at any given moment of the day. Anger is useful. It reminds us we are alive and we still give a damn about that fact.

Academics are really angry these days. The prescription for poverty — educational attainment — has for many of the highest attainers become a condition for poverty. That is all kinds of fucked up. It’s fucked up for a lot of people and has been fucked up longer for some people than for others. A lot of them should be angrier and should have been angrier long before now. But perhaps that…

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