What If Darrin Manning Was White?

I can’t imagine how horrified Darrin Manning’s mother is at the brutal trauma her son suffered at the hands of the Philadelphia P.D. officer who ruptured one of his testicles during an extreme version of ‘stop n frisk.’  This unfortunately is not the only instance of abuse/sexual abuse under color of the law.  In fact the phenomenon is quite common in communities of color.  And thanks to the Supreme Court it is perfectly legally for the police to blatantly violate the civil rights of law-abiding citizens of color.  This is completely unacceptable for any American citizen.  But because of White privilege, many outside of the African American or Hispanic community don’t see this as a problem until Darrin Manning becomes one of their children.  Whiteness and White privilege blinds the eyes of Whites to the humiliating and de-humanizing treatment that PoC (People of Color) receive from those who are supposed to protect and serve us.  And why is this?  It is because very rarely if ever experience being suspected of being a suspect because of the color of their skin; or being randomly stopped and frisked; or being falsely imprisoned/arrested on false charges; or being blamed as a victim of assault.  Their White skin allows them the privilege of being able to deny the existence of racism, racial profiling, police brutality and other forms of discrimination.  It’s not happening in their world, therefore Black people are being paranoid or hallucinating or something.  I pray that none of their children ever has to experience such a nightmare as Darrin Manning is now living.  But I cannot help but think that if Darrin was White, how different the reaction of Whites and mainstream media would be!


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