Kill At Will: Man Fatally Shoots Unarmed Stranger At Walmart, Police Justify Shooting (DETAILS)

More SYG killing. This time it’s Arizona. Where – and who – next?

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On the heels of a new report that Stand Your Ground lawscontribute to 600 additional homicides a year, a Phoenix, Arizona father fatally shot an unarmed stranger in Walmart — all in the name of self-defense.

Police in Phoenix have not booked Cyle Wayne Quadlin, 25, justifying the shooting of Kriston Charles Belinte Chee after watching surveillance tape of the two men arguing.

Although Quadlin and Chee’s argument did not turn physical, Quadlin told police he pulled his gun when he felt Belinte Chee was winning.

“Mr. Quadlin was losing the fight and indicated he ‘was in fear for his life,’ so he pulled his gun and shot Mr. Belinte Chee,” police spokesman Joe Favazzo said.

“Just like what the guy said, he was not winning,” said Favazzo, referring to the security footage. “It’s going to come down to what the witnesses have to say.”


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