Buy A Book, Save a Life Campaign

I was driving down the highway recently, thinking about how our children’s lives are in peril because of reckless individuals with guns taking the lives of innocent children in the name of “Stand Your Ground.”  I thought to myself, “What can I do to help change this sad picture?”  And the thought occurred to me that I have a devotional book that I recently authored.  Maybe I can use this book as a part of a fundraiser that would benefit two of the organizations directly involved in creating awareness of these issues and fighting to make a difference:  The Trayvon Martin Foundation ( and Moms Demand Action (  The goal I have set is to reach 500 new, unique donors and raise at least $500 dollars with this campaign this month.  With every donor purchase of my book, Rivers Flowing From Your Belly, 25% of the proceeds will go to these organizations that are working to reduce gun violence and save our children.  Please click the link and donate today and share or reblog this post with your social media followers and help us reach our goal.  Many thanks to you all.



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2 Responses to Buy A Book, Save a Life Campaign

  1. PurplesShade says:

    Unfortunately I’m too poor to contribute, but I appreciate the knowledge that someone is trying reduce violence against children. Please keep doing good for the world, it is important. 🙂

  2. Freditations says:

    Thanks for the affirmation. Bless you.

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