The Hard Work of Deconstructing Oppression

So Rep. Paul Ryan alleges that the problems of the inner city are attributable to an endemic culture of shiftlessness? My brain and spirit are so fatigued right now, I won’t dive into a heavy analytical piece about the White privilege that affords Ryan the convenience of his pseudo-intellectual assertions.   No, not tonight.  In fact, maybe not for a while.  But for now, let it suffice to say that it is hella easier for America to blame urban (read Black and Brown) folks for the evils plaguing their communities (poverty, the achievement gap, unemployment, crime, and etc.) than to do the hard work of actually owning and repenting of the immorality of racism, bigotry, slavery, and other ongoing, systemic forms of oppression that support its White Supremacist, patriarchal, imperialist, capitalist motifs and keep Black and Brown people under.  I mean, to do that would mean that America would actually have to do some critical listening, thinking, analysis and searching of its corporate soul to discover the depths of its race problem and its complicity in instigating, festering and fetishizing the problem; exploiting the problem; ignoring the problem; belittling and/or denying the problem; anything but owning, addressing and working to solve the problem.  Any small but significant advances towards acknowledgement and resolution of the problem have come at the cost of Black and Brown sweat, blood and tears; Black and Brown bodies marching in the streets and fields and sitting in at the lunch counters of “Whites only” department stores; Black and brown bodies being beaten, dragged from their homes at night or during peaceable day protests; jailed, castrated, burned, tortured and lynched.  The truth of the whole matter is that America  has the blood of racism and oppression still fresh on its hands.  And like Pilate declaring his own innocence of shedding the blood of the Christ, self-serving declarations of color-blindness won’t wash America clean of her bigoted past and present.         


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