The Time Machine: Life as an Afrofuturist

Enjoy this excellent piece by Webbie Dubois.

40 Acres and a Cubicle

“To be a Black activist is to be a futurist.”

I wrote these words while penning a failed essay for a science fiction digest. I was trying to find a way to relate my personal love for science fiction and my Blackness. The essay was meant to be a literary gumbo of references to my favorite science fiction works, Afrofuturism and Black History. My main argument was that Black culture is innately compatible with science fiction as a vessel for fantasy futurism since the horrors of the past keep us from the comforts of nostalgia that others can enjoy. Thus it seems we always look to the future for salvation; for our shining moment of transcendence. I was expressing an inherently optimistic viewpoint, one that believes that our eyes are to the horizon of progress and equality because we are hurtling towards it. I never finished the article because that…

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