A Letter to Miss Mo’ne Davis

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Dear Miss Mo’ne:

This is a letter that I probably should have written a long time ago. I had the privilege of accidentally stumbling upon the broadcast of the thrilling Little League World Series Championships last season and watching one of the most fantastic and fascinating player I’ve ever seen in a baseball uniform. Not only did she pitch a terrific game and series, she contributed to her team’s success in so many awesome ways. But what was even greater than watching your great accomplishments, I was very pleased by the way that you carried yourself and represented your family, your team and your region. Not to mention the news that you’re just as intelligent a student as you are a gifted athlete.
I recently read of a most hateful and disgusting tweet directed toward you. It angers and saddens me that a grown man could choose to be so ignorant, abusive and racist towards anyone, especially a young person. But please be encouraged and don’t let anyone’s malice, envy or foolishness discourage or distract from the awesomeness that God has blessed your life to be. Keep your eyes on the prize and keep the faith. God bless you.

Yours Truly,

Pastor Fred H. Moore, Jr.


About Freditations

For now. For eternity.
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