Mo’ne Davis A Target of White Male Privilege

Mo’ne Davis a Target of White Male Privilege
Why do significant numbers of male men choose to be so disgusting and abusive towards women and girls? This question was refreshed for me recently as I settled down after a very long drive home from a youth conference. I opened my web browser to see news that a (presumably) adult White male playing for a NCAA D-1 baseball program tweeted a highly offensive, abusive and inappropriate tweet about a standout young, gifted and Black female baseball player, Mo’ne Davis, who led her team deep into to the Little League World Series last fall. So offensive was the tweet in question that the baseball team wasted no time in booting the player off their team.
Good riddance. But Casselberry’s sacking does not begin to address the larger issues at play here. The player, Joey Casselberry, obviously felt pretty comfortable tweeting his bitter mix of malice, racism, envy, personal insecurity and misogyny in a pitiful attempt to demean and disrespect a player and young African-American girl who, at the tender age of 14, has already accomplished far more than he could ever hope to accomplish athletically or otherwise. Perhaps he has exhibited this sadistic behavior many times before, in a culture and environment that enabled, maybe even nurtured and encouraged such contemptuous rot. The fact that he chose as the target of his vileness the most visible young Black female athlete in the world gives a very telling insight into his demented psyche. Let’s not chalk this one up to the folly of youth. This was not the idiotic, uncharacteristically impulsive act of a misguided and foolish teen. No. Casselberry exposes himself for the sick, pathetic racist sociopath that he is, a by-product of the White supremacist male heterosexual patriarchal privilege that intentionally devalues the worth and humanity of others to maintain its dominance and control over the lives and bodies of others. The capacity of White supremacy for racism, discrimination and misogyny knows no bounds and cries “foul” when exposed for the ugliness that it is. If only society could grow to a point where it would show as little tolerance for the subtle and hidden machinations of White male privilege* and supremacy as it does for the fools and foolishness it produces.

*The author notes that male privilege is not limited to Whites but applies to all males. A separate article expanding on the role of male privilege for all races in misogyny is in process.


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