The Daily Wrap April 2 2015

The Wrap Up 4/2/15:
PBO announces a nuclear deal with Iran, and the Haterade flows freely. Don’t hate, 47 Traitors. Appreciate the greatness that is POTUS#44.
Al-Shabaab terrorists invade a Kenyan university and slaughter 147 students. My prayers to the bereaved families whose loved ones were so despicably and horrifically slaughtered by these cowards!
Kean U un-invites rapper/actor Common as their commencement speaker behind his “A Song for Assata.” What do they have against Assata though?
Indiana Gov. Pence signs off on a revised religion freedom [sic] law that offers greater protection of LGBT civil rights. Credit his son – and billions of $$$ in business leaving/boycotting Indiana – for the sudden change of heart.
Three KKK members working for the Florida Department of Corrections discovered to be plotting the murder of a Black HIV positive inmate. That moment when you realize your prison employees need prison more than the prisoners do.
Aaannnd…over $400,000 is raised (so far) for the Indiana pizzeria that bragged that it will not serve gays. Encouraging other businesses to discriminate against LGBTs and get paid.


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