“The Blacker The Berry” Is A Black Pathology Anthem

Decolonize ALL The Things

kendrick-lamar-the-blacker-the-berryKendrick Lamar recently dropped the track “The Blacker The Berry”, what has been called a “Black Anthem” that deals with the hypocritical racial self hatred in the Black community.  As a hip hop head I was hype to first listen to the song, hoping that it would say something critical, contextually accurate, reveal the true issues at hand & I was unfortunately immediately disappointed.  The song left a bad taste in my mouth, it was disrespectful, lecturing, and inaccurate.  “The Blacker The Berry” has been quickly gaining traction since its release and its for a very particular reason: Black pathology sells (H/T @thetrudz).

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If God Were Black

Great minds think alike. If God Were Black . . .

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$2500 Pushup Challenge

I’ve found an engine and a reputable garage to do the work.  So far I have raised $100, so I still need another $2400.  Follow this link to contribute: http://gogetfunding.com/project/get-pastor-fred-rolling-again .  Thank you!

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Please Support #89Blocks Documentary

I gave to support the #89Blocks, a documentary being produced by East St. Louis native, media analyst, writer and speaker extraordinaire and MSNBC contributor Goldie Taylor.  You can find out more by clicking on the embedded tweet from her twitter account:  https://twitter.com/goldietaylor/status/539823539201642496


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Miss. Department Of Corrections Commissioner Pleads Not Guilty In Money Laundering Scheme

These are very serious allegations against the former MDOC Commissioner Mike Epps.

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South LA man killed by police while reportedly lying down

Prayers are requested for the grieving families of #EzellFord and #OmarAbrego, both killed by police brutality. Lord have mercy!

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White Preacher Sets Himself On Fire To Inspire Justice For African Americans

This is sad. First time I’ve heard of a civil rights advocate going to this extreme to bring attention to racism and injustice.

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