Police ID pilot killed in crash at W.K. Kellogg Airport

My classmate from Oakwood University and colleague in ministry, Elder William Perguson II, died in this tragic plane crash. Please remember his bereaved family in your prayers. Sad day.

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Please Read, Sign and Share: Petition The President to Protect Ferguson Protestors

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The Ghost of King Leopold II Still Haunts Us


Media Diversified

Belgium Colonization and the Ignition of the HIV Global Pandemic

by Dr. Lawrence Brown

In an article entitled “The Early Spread and Epidemic Ignition of HIV-1 in Human Populations,” in the magazine Science in October 2014, Nuno Faria and his fellow researchers revealed the location of ground zero for one of the world’s most deadly infectious diseases—HIV. They discovered that HIV-1 originated in Kinshasa, the capital city of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and explain that the deadly virus spread throughout the Congo via the railroad network. HIV-1 was subsequently transmitted by Haitian professionals back to Haiti and then to the United States (1).

Faria and colleagues presented their research findings as follows:

Our estimated location of pandemic origin explains the observation that Kinshasa exhibits more contemporary HIV-1 genetic diversity than anywhere else. It clarifies why the oldest known HIV-1 sequences were sourced from this…

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The Daily Wrap April 2 2015

The Wrap Up 4/2/15:
PBO announces a nuclear deal with Iran, and the Haterade flows freely. Don’t hate, 47 Traitors. Appreciate the greatness that is POTUS#44.
Al-Shabaab terrorists invade a Kenyan university and slaughter 147 students. My prayers to the bereaved families whose loved ones were so despicably and horrifically slaughtered by these cowards!
Kean U un-invites rapper/actor Common as their commencement speaker behind his “A Song for Assata.” What do they have against Assata though?
Indiana Gov. Pence signs off on a revised religion freedom [sic] law that offers greater protection of LGBT civil rights. Credit his son – and billions of $$$ in business leaving/boycotting Indiana – for the sudden change of heart.
Three KKK members working for the Florida Department of Corrections discovered to be plotting the murder of a Black HIV positive inmate. That moment when you realize your prison employees need prison more than the prisoners do.
Aaannnd…over $400,000 is raised (so far) for the Indiana pizzeria that bragged that it will not serve gays. Encouraging other businesses to discriminate against LGBTs and get paid.

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Mo’ne Davis A Target of White Male Privilege

Mo’ne Davis a Target of White Male Privilege
Why do significant numbers of male men choose to be so disgusting and abusive towards women and girls? This question was refreshed for me recently as I settled down after a very long drive home from a youth conference. I opened my web browser to see news that a (presumably) adult White male playing for a NCAA D-1 baseball program tweeted a highly offensive, abusive and inappropriate tweet about a standout young, gifted and Black female baseball player, Mo’ne Davis, who led her team deep into to the Little League World Series last fall. So offensive was the tweet in question that the baseball team wasted no time in booting the player off their team.
Good riddance. But Casselberry’s sacking does not begin to address the larger issues at play here. The player, Joey Casselberry, obviously felt pretty comfortable tweeting his bitter mix of malice, racism, envy, personal insecurity and misogyny in a pitiful attempt to demean and disrespect a player and young African-American girl who, at the tender age of 14, has already accomplished far more than he could ever hope to accomplish athletically or otherwise. Perhaps he has exhibited this sadistic behavior many times before, in a culture and environment that enabled, maybe even nurtured and encouraged such contemptuous rot. The fact that he chose as the target of his vileness the most visible young Black female athlete in the world gives a very telling insight into his demented psyche. Let’s not chalk this one up to the folly of youth. This was not the idiotic, uncharacteristically impulsive act of a misguided and foolish teen. No. Casselberry exposes himself for the sick, pathetic racist sociopath that he is, a by-product of the White supremacist male heterosexual patriarchal privilege that intentionally devalues the worth and humanity of others to maintain its dominance and control over the lives and bodies of others. The capacity of White supremacy for racism, discrimination and misogyny knows no bounds and cries “foul” when exposed for the ugliness that it is. If only society could grow to a point where it would show as little tolerance for the subtle and hidden machinations of White male privilege* and supremacy as it does for the fools and foolishness it produces.

*The author notes that male privilege is not limited to Whites but applies to all males. A separate article expanding on the role of male privilege for all races in misogyny is in process.

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A Letter to Miss Mo’ne Davis

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Dear Miss Mo’ne:

This is a letter that I probably should have written a long time ago. I had the privilege of accidentally stumbling upon the broadcast of the thrilling Little League World Series Championships last season and watching one of the most fantastic and fascinating player I’ve ever seen in a baseball uniform. Not only did she pitch a terrific game and series, she contributed to her team’s success in so many awesome ways. But what was even greater than watching your great accomplishments, I was very pleased by the way that you carried yourself and represented your family, your team and your region. Not to mention the news that you’re just as intelligent a student as you are a gifted athlete.
I recently read of a most hateful and disgusting tweet directed toward you. It angers and saddens me that a grown man could choose to be so ignorant, abusive and racist towards anyone, especially a young person. But please be encouraged and don’t let anyone’s malice, envy or foolishness discourage or distract from the awesomeness that God has blessed your life to be. Keep your eyes on the prize and keep the faith. God bless you.

Yours Truly,

Pastor Fred H. Moore, Jr.

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Pathologizing Black Folks is America’s Religion, Or: A Few Thoughts on Roxane Gay’s ‘Bad Feminist’

This was a long but incredibly worthwhile read. Very highly recommended.

Aware of Awareness

I spend nearly everyday writing and reading about global and local configurations of white supremacy and anti-blackness, with a special emphasis on the U.S. and France. This subject is the topic of Resurrecting Slavery, one of two books I am completing this year while on leave with a Career Enhancement Fellowship from the Woodrow Wilson Foundation.

I made a decision to use this year to begin a conscious process of decolonizing my scholarship. This is a process that I began a few years ago, inadvertently, as I increasingly embarked upon a journey of mindfulness and well-being. As I prioritized my own self-awareness, I also found it necessary to liberate myself from harmful things in my personal and professional life, including and especially unexamined dynamics of white supremacy, anti-blackness, heteropatriarchy and other forms of insanity that pervade the power structures within which we are all conditioned.

For me, decolonizing myself from…

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“The Blacker The Berry” Is A Black Pathology Anthem

Decolonize ALL The Things

kendrick-lamar-the-blacker-the-berryKendrick Lamar recently dropped the track “The Blacker The Berry”, what has been called a “Black Anthem” that deals with the hypocritical racial self hatred in the Black community.  As a hip hop head I was hype to first listen to the song, hoping that it would say something critical, contextually accurate, reveal the true issues at hand & I was unfortunately immediately disappointed.  The song left a bad taste in my mouth, it was disrespectful, lecturing, and inaccurate.  “The Blacker The Berry” has been quickly gaining traction since its release and its for a very particular reason: Black pathology sells (H/T @thetrudz).

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If God Were Black

Great minds think alike. If God Were Black . . .

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$2500 Pushup Challenge

I’ve found an engine and a reputable garage to do the work.  So far I have raised $100, so I still need another $2400.  Follow this link to contribute: http://gogetfunding.com/project/get-pastor-fred-rolling-again .  Thank you!

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